Publishing Process

1. Create an account.

2. As you begin work on your manuscript, double check that your manuscript adheres to the JEI guidelines. Most importantly, double check that your manuscript:

  • Attempts to answer a scientific question that you DO NOT know the answer to beforehand.
  • Is hypothesis-driven.
  • Contains all the relevant parts of a scientific manuscript: Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Materials and Methods, and References

3. After submitting your manuscript, one of our Editors-in-Chief and two JEI editors will do a preliminary review of your manuscript to determine whether or not it meets our criteria.

4. If your manuscript meets JEI criteria, it will be sent to three reviewers. Our JEI reviewers are all PhD-level scientists with expertise in a wide variety of scientific fields. The reviewers will provide feedback on both the science and presentation of your manuscript.

5. Based on reviewers' recommendations, our JEI editor team will determine whether or not your manuscript can be accepted for publication. The Editor-in-Chief will inform you of our decision and will provide you with a list of required and recommended changes.

6. We ask that you please make these changes to the best of your ability. Once you feel like you have addressed our feedback, resubmit your revised manuscript online. Our editor team will assess whether your manuscript is ready for publication or needs additional changes.

7. Once our editor team is satisfied with your revisions, your manuscript will progress to the final publication stages: copy editing, proofing, and online publication.

Thinking about publishing?

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